Cooked sausages

In sausages (like Frankfurters) our proteins are unique for their high emulsifying properties. There are two ways to use our proteins:

Create a pre-emulsion or pre-gel for sausages or add our proteins directly to the meat dough. For pre-emulsion we recommend to make a 1:20:20 (protein:water:fat) hot pre-emulsion or even a 1:30:30 emulsion, dependable on the type of product. This pre-emulsion is perfect for replacing fat in any recipe. This means fat reduction and still gives a perfect mouth feel and flavor. Pre gels can be made up to 1:30 hot and 1: 10 cold.

Create a full meat recipe with our proteins. This brings you extra water binding capacity in the dough. By adding 1 to 3 % of our proteins into the bowl chopper together with the rest of the recipe, you can reduce the fat, meat and salt content; decrease the total calorie count and increase the water amount without effects on mouth feel bite and taste.

Download application sheets (pdf)

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