Some examples of where our collagen proteins have proven itself:

Convenience and snacks

Because of the high water binding capacity of our proteins, it is an ideal product to use to avoid water loss after freezing and de-freezing. Especially with coated products it is best to keep the outside as dry as possible. Proteins of DCP help you to avoid water loss after de-freezing, and therefor improve the quality of the product.

Furthermore proteins of DCP give a significant improvement in yield and structure. By adding 2 to 3 % of our products the binding of the meat product will improve significantly.


Comminuted meat products

To improve structure and bite our special flakes proteins are very suitable for minced meat products like meatballs or burgers. Because of the unique structure of the flakes it combines water binding capacity with improvement of structure. By adding 1 -3 % of our proteins – combined with other ingredients and spices – to minced meat products, it will improve the firmness of the products, without changing the specific structure.

Cooked sausages

In sausages (like Frankfurters) our proteins are unique for their high emulsifying properties. There are two ways to use our proteins:

Create a pre-emulsion or pre-gel for sausages or add our proteins directly to the meat dough. For pre-emulsion we recommend to make a 1:20:20 (protein:water:fat) hot pre-emulsion or even a 1:30:30 emulsion, dependable on the type of product. This pre-emulsion is perfect for replacing fat in any recipe. This means fat reduction and still gives a perfect mouth feel and flavor. Pre gels can be made up to 1:30 hot and 1: 10 cold.

Create a full meat recipe with our proteins. This brings you extra water binding capacity in the dough. By adding 1 to 3 % of our proteins into the bowl chopper together with the rest of the recipe, you can reduce the fat, meat and salt content; decrease the total calorie count and increase the water amount without effects on mouth feel bite and taste.


Pate’s and liver sausages

For Pâté and liver-sausages our proteins give also high water binding capacity and emulsifying. A combination of our protein and water can partly replace liver without losing structure or firmness.

Fermented sausages

Our proteins are added to dried sausages to shorten the drying time and improving the firmness of the products. An example of use: By mixing our flakes 1:7 with water it is possible to create a totally lean “skin powder” which can be added to dried sausages up to 15 %. This will help avoiding dried edges and improves the drying process.


Cooked ham

In cooked ham our proteins can be very well used because of their high content of soluble proteins. These proteins are very functional after cooking above 600 C and cooling down again. Result: a very low cooking loss and a higher protein content of the finished product. Because of the extreme high functionality of our proteins we recommend to use between 5 and 10 % in the brine, for an injection rate of 40 % of more. This brine must be under 50 C, also because of the very high functionality of our proteins.

Fresh meat products

Because our proteins are very functional without increasing the temperature, they can be very well be used in fresh products like minced meat, Filet Americain or fresh burgers. Even in fresh whole muscle products our product can be used very easily, as it doesn’t change the fibrous structure of the meat.