Proteins for bowl chopper products and emulsions

For meat products produced in the bowl chopper, we offer a range of products which are very well suited as a meat extender. Due to a very high water binding capacity, our proteins are able to significantly reduce purge and cooking loss in cooked products. After cooking and cooling these products are easily able to bind up to 30 times their weight of water. Besides the cooked products, our proteins are also very useful in dried or semi dried products to create the perfect firmness.
Due to a unique production process, our proteins have a very strong emulsifying power. For that reason our proteins are used a lot in pre-emulsions for all kinds of sausages. These pre-emulsion can be produced cold, but the maximum result can be realized in a hot produced emulsion. Extensive tests have shown that emulsion up to the rate of 1:30:30 will be stable to use in several products.

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Kapro B95 SF